Celebrating 8 Years of CSP with some Recommended Reading

This week marks 8 years of business operations here at Cressey Sports Performance – MA.  As I reflect on what feels like a lifetime of amazing learning experiences accrued thus far, I feel truly fortunate to have the opportunity to assist in guiding the growth and development of this business. 

Much like coaches preach “tape don’t lie” as they review game footage with their athletes, CSP’s performance numbers don’t lie:

  • 10,000+ sessions coached

  • 3,500+ athletes through the door

  • 100+ fantastic interns

  • Dozens of MLB debuts

  • 8 consecutive years of double-digit growth

I’m happy to say that the system is working.  The numbers don’t lie.

Beyond the numbers, we’ve learned a whole bunch of lessons along the way.  It’s become a bit of a tradition for us to publish an annual “lessons learned” post in recognition of our anniversary.  Here are my three favorite examples thus far:

Three Years of Cressey Performance: The Right Reasons and the Right Way - Eric wrapped up our third year of business by explaining how important it is that our work at CSP be fulfilling on a day to day basis.  He also discussed his thought process as he made the decision to make this business a reality.

6 Years and 6 Proud Moments for Cressey Performance - I was tasked with the responsibility of preparing a guest post for Eric's site back in 2013.  In it, I covered where we were at that moment in time, and where I believed we were headed.  We appear to be on the right track two years later!

Reflecting on Eight Years of Cressey Sports Performance - Tony took the reigns this year and touched on the energy that goes into getting a business off the ground and building a great team.  He also went into a little detail on the importance of creating manageable goals and expectations as you map out your long-term objectives for your business.

Here's to another good year of CSP!