Are You Sabotaging Your Ability to Convert Leads?

You insist that you can close anybody if given the chance to demonstrate your coaching skill set, but your selling strategy doesn’t reflect your attitude.

What do I mean by this? 

I mean that despite needing just a single in-person training session to establish yourself as a worthy investment, you can’t seem to stop discussing 3, 6, or even 12-month package rates before even locking in the initial visit.

I too believe that I can close any lead that happens to set foot inside of our facility.  With a couple dozen framed MLB jerseys hanging on the walls, and a training environment that features high energy and meticulous coaching, the training space effectively sells itself.  The problem is that walk-ins are rare, and I need to close the majority of our leads over the phone.

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Guess what I don’t do…I don’t allow the conversation to revolve around the fact that it costs more than $700/month to train with us 4-days per week.  Our monthly training fees are dictated by anticipated weekly training frequency, but that really doesn’t matter before we’ve booked an assessment.  What matters is that the first step in the process of training with us is to schedule an initial evaluation, and that will be a very manageable $99 investment.

Let's not put the cart before the horse...

I’ll worry about selling you on the initial assessment.  Our facility, our training environment, and our team will take care of “convincing” you to take the steps beyond that.