Initiative Fatigue is Killing Your Earning Potential

in·i·ti·a·tive fa·tigue

common gym owner mistake: when a leader jumps from one improvement fad to another, draining his company’s resources and his employees’ patience.

Don’t act like you haven’t made this mistake yourself. I have. Dozens of times. Maybe more than 100.

Every spring it’s the same thing…we hit our quiet period of the year, and immediately begin vomiting ideas all over our team.

  • We should start a transformation program.

  • We really need to ramp up our personal training services.

  • Let’s start a youth athlete program!

  • Should we add a smoothie bar to the space?

  • Let’s host another seminar to drive some cash flow.

  • We need to attract a different demographic — let’s launch a volleyball-specific program.

  • We need to beef up our YouTube page.

  • We need to be more active on Twitter.

  • Why did we abandon Facebook?

  • Is Snapchat still a thing? Do we need to get back over there?

  • Let’s set up a Groupon offer!

  • Maybe I should return that ClassPass call. (PS - don’t do that)


I could go on. And on. And on. For days.

Here’s the thing we all need to remember: If we have more than two to three “important strategic initiatives” in place at any given moment in time, we don’t really have any at all.

The more shit we toss on the to-do list of our employees, the more frustrated they become. Take that frustration, and multiply it several times every time we fail to actually follow through on said initiatives.

As I said before, I am guilty of this, many times over.

This spring is different. I’m fighting this urge to add more, as I’ve come to realize that the magical next revenue-generating move is simply being better at keeping our existing clients happy, and not allowing any of them to subtly fall off the radar and disappear for a few weeks (or months) at a time.

There appears to be a direct correlation between being exceptional at generating leads, and being a complete train-wreck at maintaining an optimal retention strategy. New business tends to drown out the fact that existing business is quietly walking out the back door. It is for this very reason that the spring of 2019 at CSP Massachusetts features a single “important strategic initiative.”

This time around, we’re focused on one thing, and one thing only — making sure that we nurture existing client relationships. This means that in-season clients will hear from us every other week at a minimum as their playing schedule precludes them from setting foot in our space, and the ones who do show up are treated like rock stars.

Gone are the days of seeing regulars intentionally disappear for 10-12 weeks, leaving us with the responsibility of effectively having to win back their business annually. Say hello to a time where clients feel like they can’t get away from us because we care too damn much.

We’re playing the long game here, and no amount of trendy new initiatives will out-earn an exceptional retention strategy in the coming six, twelve, or even twenty four months.

Go ahead and tell me that your gym’s retention efforts couldn’t improve a little bit.

I don’t believe you.

Want More of This Stuff?

We’re a little over two weeks out from our next Business Mentorship, set to take place in our facility down in Florida, and I’d imagine we’ve got the room to plug two or three more gym owners into the action. (forgive me if I’m wrong, EC)

My business partner Eric and I are going to spend Sunday, April 7th digging deep into everything from lead generation, to pricing strategy, gym design, and everything in between. If you’re interested in learning exactly how we’ve attacked building and maintaining the model we’ve had in action since 2007, this packed day of information is for you.

Check out all of the details HERE, and make sure to shoot me an email ( if you have follow-up questions.