Speaking the Language of Your Audience is More Important Than Being a Brilliant Tactician

We hired a coach directly out of our internship program this spring. One day Kyle Driscoll was an intern, and the next he was preparing to assist in on-boarding an incoming class of summer interns and begin collecting a paycheck. He deserved it, but maybe not for the exact reasons you'd typically expect. 

Kyle would be the first to tell you that he wasn't the smartest (textbook) or technically proficient intern in his intern class here at CSP. He was surrounded by some truly talented up and coming fitness professionals. He had less relevant academic experience than his peers, less exposure to complex training concepts and methodologies, and a resume that wasn't packed with coaching experience.

He did, however, communicate more comfortably with 90% of our athletes than anyone on our entire full-time team (and continues to do so today). Kyle played four years of Division-1 collegiate baseball at Rutgers University, shined during a summer of pitching in the Cape Cod Collegiate Baseball League, and found time to volunteer as the Pitching Coach at a local high school during his internship. Stepping on to a training floor that featured 85% baseball players was anything but anxiety-inducing for him.

He dominated little league photo day.

He dominated little league photo day.

He is now the only guy on our team who can look a "baseball dad" in the eye and explain exactly what to expect from the perspective of an athlete during the recruiting process. He also saw his own playing career cut short by a shoulder injury that could have been avoided had he been exposed to quality strength training and arm-care protocols at an earlier age, so he can effectively speak to the importance of what we do here.

In short, he’s walked the walk, and can talk the talk.

Do you think the previously mentioned dad holding the credit card in my office is concerned with whether or not Kyle has attended a dozen PRI conferences?


If you're interested in further discussions relating to assembling a cohesive team of strength coaches, I think you'd enjoy our upcoming Business Building Mentorship. We'll touch on hiring and all things relating to how we developed Cressey Sports Performance into what it is today during this event. I hope to see some of you there!

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