The Dangers of Aligning Your Gym With a Specific Team or Program

You might have heard a few of these before if you run a business catering to youth athletes....

  • You guys HAVE TO open a gym in our new indoor training facility!
  • Let's list your business on our website as the official training provider of our program!
  • We've got 18 teams and ALL of our guys will DEFINITELY train with you if you take over the gym in our building!

Before you go ahead and align yourself with a specific club team or program, I want you to remind you of something important...

There is no loyalty in youth club sports.

I've watched dozens upon dozens of kids declare their new program to be the best because of the amazing travel schedule they've lined up for the coming summer and "their sick new uniforms." It seems to me that roughly 50% of these athletes jump ship immediately following the summer because they are either pissed about playing time, or the lack of organization experienced over the course of a chaotic season.

It doesn’t stop there.

Maybe the "favorite coach" in the program found a better opportunity and moved think athletes won’t consider taking a walk with him? Maybe the best player in your program just got poached by a competitor offering free enrollment in an attempt to beef up his roster. Maybe the connected helicopter dad who "knows a ton of scouts" insists that the club down the road is going to be at all the biggest tournaments next summer and his legion of followers is considering tagging along.

When all of these scenarios play themselves out, you're the gym owner stuck with a long-term lease and a client roster that unfortunately seems to reinvent itself every six-to-twelve months. You're also publicly attached to the program that is relentlessly bad-mouthing the competitor that "stole their guys" and "has no class."

Do you really want to put yourself in that situation when you could instead position your business to help all of the kids, from all of the programs?

Be the Switzerland of performance centers in your area. Be neutral.