Keep Chasing Elite Athletes - I'll be Over Here Collecting General-Pop Dollars

This past December was the second busiest month in the history of CSP Massachusetts. During that 31-day window, we had 39 different MLB affiliated players come through our doors, representing 21 organizations. This number pales in comparison to the volume of affiliated players training at our Florida location, though still qualifies us as one of the more heavily-trafficked training facilities for professional baseball players in this country.

Sounds pretty cool, don’t you think?

What if I were to tell you that these guys accounted for roughly 8% of the dollars we collected during that month?

My point here isn’t to devalue the importance of having a professional athlete presence in our gym; I realize that they make a huge difference in my ability to attract the baseball-playing amateur crowd. Instead, I want illustrate the fact that there isn’t a wildly successful gym that I’m aware of that trains exclusively high-end athletes from the college or professional setting.

Youth athletes and general fitness population pay my bills, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If Cressey Sports Performance can get fired up to cater to the “normal” folks that attend our strength camps several mornings a week, I don’t see why your gym can’t do the same.