Does My Gym Need an Admin?

So you’re an entrepreneur wearing many hats…

I’ll bet you’re wondering if it is time to find yourself some help at the front desk so that your business can “make the jump.”

Without a complete understanding of your training format, business model, and current team, I am entirely ill equipped to tell you when the “right time” is to hire someone to handle your administrative tasks.  What I can tell you, however, are the questions I asked myself before determining that it was the right time for Cressey Sports Performance to add an Office Manager into the mix. 

Ask yourself this…

Are my responsibilities associated with being the jack-of-all-trades within my business impeding my ability to deliver a quality customer service experience for paying clients? Are emails left unread for extended periods of time because the phone always seems to be ringing? Are those ringing calls being pushed aside in favor of responding to the needs of the clients standing right in front of me? Are the clients standing right in front of me being asked to wait as I finish giving the pitch to the unanticipated “walk-in” inquiry?

If your answer to these questions is “yes”, it’s time

It’s time for you to stop working in your business, and start working on your business.  It’s time for you to embrace the art of delegation.  Allow someone else to check people in and schedule training sessions so that you can start working to maintain the impressive growth pattern that is forcing you to make this decision in the first place.

But before you do…

Be honest with yourself

Don’t add payroll because you aspire to answer yes to these questions. Add payroll because you’re business is busting at the seams. Until then, embrace the art of multi-tasking, because you’re not quite ready to “make the jump.”