3 Steps to Fail-Proof Your Gym

Just over a year ago Tony Gentilcore made the difficult decision to walk away from CSP. After 8 years of coaching, learning, and business development, it was time to step out from behind the CSP curtain and let the Gentilcore brand loose on the fitness community.

Tony made the right move; I’m proud of him.

Here we are just one year later, and he’s flipped his world upside down…in a good way. In the past twelve months, he’s presented on multiple continents, recorded a fitness product alongside Dean Somerset, conceived his first child1, and gone from independent contractor to full-blown fitness facility owner.

I want to show you why Tony’s decision to open his own gym (one that thousands of people fail at each year) is very likely to succeed. Here are three important things he did in advance of pulling the trigger on this venture to ensure that he see a return on his investment:

This post was originally published on Tony Gentilcore's site - Read the entire piece here.